The benefits of good posture

The video above is created by the Turkish Physiotherapist Murat Dalkilinç In the animation, Murat Dalkilinç illustrates the consequences of bad posture - especially in these times of our computers and mobile phones. We would do well to remind ourselves on a regular basis to keep our head up and our back straight! [...]

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5 Ways Yoga Helps with Anxiety

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life… live in the moment; live in the breath.” – Amit Ray One out of four Americans will experience an anxiety disorder at some point during their lives.  Such disorders are sometimes accompanied by panic attacks – intense feelings of panic that often come out of [...]

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5 Best Yoga Poses for Runners

Although running and yoga may seem like activities that are on opposite ends of the spectrum, they really are complementary activities that work together beautifully. Running is an excellent way to exercise your whole body aerobically at a high level of intensity. The main benefit of running includes gaining muscular strength, better cardiovascular health, [...]

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The BackMitra Pillow for a tight and rounded upper back

The pillow is designed to be mounted on top of the BackMitra® and suits the needs of those with tight and rounded upper backs. With the help of the pillow the neck can be stretched to a fuller extent, facilitating a more effective BackMitra® experience. fig. 1 Place [...]

How to Become a More Successful Yoga Teacher

Yes, but how do you become a more successful teacher? In this time where you can find a yoga studio on virtually every corner it is becoming a challenge to fill classes, especially for starting teachers. What can you do? Here's a short story... I started restorative alignment in Mexico with Brigitte Longueville in [...]

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BackMitra Exercises for the Back, Neck and Shoulders

To start with Your head, neck and upper back are supposed to lie on the BackMitra, in such a way that the upper part of the spinal column is being supported. One end of the BackMitra is located below the shoulder blades (see photo on the right for correct positioning on the back). Lying [...]

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