The use of the BackMitra and/or BackMitra Pillow is undertaken at your own risk. BackToolz as owner of backmitra.com, and all associates affiliated with BackToolz/backmitra.com shall not be liable for any injuries or damage of a physical, mental or financial nature. Consult your personal physician or therapist before using the BackMitra.

Product Information and Care

The BackMitra is manufactured in the E.U. from food-grade hypo-allergenic foam in which no toxic plasticizers have been used. This type of foam is completely safe to be used in direct skin contact.


  • Store the BackMitra and BackMitra Pillow in a horizontal position on a flat surface, so that there are no objects on top of or leaning against it. 
  • Exposure to high temperatures can cause the BackMitra and BackMitra Pillow to permanently deform. Don’t leave them in your car during hot weather or near a stove or heater.

Cleaning and sanitizing

  • The BackMitra and BackMitra Pillow should be cleaned with cold water and soap only. 
  • Sanitizing can be done safely using alcohol 70%, isopropyl-alcohol 70% (rubbing alcohol) or how to safely clean and sanitize the BackMitrahydrogen peroxide solution 12%. The use of other chemicals is not recommended.

Damage caused by improper care, or damage caused by cleaning with chemicals other than those mentioned above, is not covered by the warranty.