Frequently Asked Questions2020-09-17T10:29:42+02:00
Where can I find BackMitra exercise videos?2021-04-23T12:12:13+02:00

The most recent videos with BackMitra exercises can be found here. Also check out the BackMitra Youtube channel.

How long will the BackMitra last?2020-10-06T10:02:28+02:00

The BackMitra is made of a very high-quality foam rubber, which, if you take care of it properly, will last a lifetime. Here you will find more information about care and storage.

Does the colored stripe have some signification? Does it for example indicate a difference in firmness or size?2020-10-05T12:11:53+02:00

No, all BackMitras are equally firm and have the same size. The colored stripe is pure decorative, just what you like better 🙂

I’m allergic to latex. Is the BackMitra latex-free?2020-09-17T10:45:03+02:00

Yes, the BackMitra is made of a hypo-allergenic and 100% latex-free type of foam and is safe to use in direct contact with the skin.

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