BackMitra® Trainer Foundations – Certification Course

Do you want to start using this incredible tool in your classes or sessions?
Or are you already using the BackMitra® and you want to learn more?

This is your chance to become a certified BackMitra® trainer!

During this course you will learn
– How to safely integrate the BackMitra® in your classes / sessions.
– Anatomy applied to the functioning of the BackMitra®.
– Restorative exercises.
– How to improve your student’s / client’s spinal flexibility and posture.
– To prevent and treat injuries by restoring mobility in neck, shoulders and back.
– To address conditions like Kyphosis, Forward Head Posture / Text Neck, Sway Back Posture and Rotator Cuff Injuries.
– How to prevent back and neck hernia.
– To improve breathing patterns to calm the overly-active and activate those with low energy.

“You will acquire a profound understanding of the BackMitra® through your own experience”

• Course syllabus
• BackMitra® Trainer – Foundations certificate
• Access to the BackMitra® community page and BackMitra® Trainers Facebook group.


Guy Hamaekers

Guy Hamaekers BackMitra Instructors trainerGuy is co-founder of Solstice Yoga Center, one of the highest rating yoga teacher training centers in Mexico. Together with Brigitte Longueville he built this well known yoga vacation resort on the Pacific coast. It was here that he was at the basis of the development of innovative tools used in Restorative Alignment classes and in 2004 he designed the BackMitra®. A patent was applied for in that same year. Since these early years the BackMitra® underwent several improvements and today for yoga teachers all over the globe -from Canada to Chile and the United Arab Emirates to Sweden- the BackMitra® is essential in their classes helping students to become more flexible, re-align their spinal column and improve their posture. The BackMitra® is frequently used in therapeutic sessions to improve conditions like Hernia, Repetitive Strain Injury (Repetitive Motion Disorder), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Injuries, and Forward Head Posture.

Currently he lives in Belgium together with his partner Judith González running their own company BackToolz, manufacturing and distributing the BackMitra® worldwide.
Guy enthusiastically leads training session for yoga teachers and body therapists on how to integrate the BackMitra® into their classes and sessions.

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