Here you can find articles and other resources on the BackMitra in relation to Yoga.

If you are a yoga practitioner you can learn about how the BackMitra can help you to improve your yoga practice. If you have a stiff upper back and shoulder area,  asanas like downward dog, sarvangasana, pincha mayurasana, hand stand and sirsasana can be quite challenging. The BackMitra will help you opening up this difficult to reach area and improve your asanas.

If you are a yoga teachers you will find articles and resources on how to introduce the BackMitra into your classes. Your students will quickly notice a change in their body making their yoga practice more fun and they’ll start coming back for more.

The classes have started small, maybe 3 in a class, and have increased to sometimes 14. I have had great feedback from many people, including one man with back issues, who said he thought it was better than any chiropractor he had visited and has not missed a class since starting and has brought friends.
I have always had positive feedback from my classes, and many students have purchased a BackMitra to work on at home.

Here you can read the rest of the inspiring article of a UK teacher who after introducing the BackMitra saw her classes filling up.

– The BackMitra in relation to Yoga –


- The BackMitra helps dentists to cope with pain - Dealing with the demands of the dental profession often takes a toll on practitioners and their staff, in the form of pain, acute or chronic, associated with an awkward physical posture and mental/emotional stress. Both accumulate over time, starting during university training and increasing [...]

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The BackMitra Pillow for a tight and rounded upper back

The pillow is designed to be mounted on top of the BackMitra® and suits the needs of those with tight and rounded upper backs. With the help of the pillow the neck can be stretched to a fuller extent, facilitating a more effective BackMitra® experience. fig. 1 Place [...]

How to Become a More Successful Yoga Teacher

Yes, but how do you become a more successful teacher? In this time where you can find a yoga studio on virtually every corner it is becoming a challenge to fill classes, especially for starting teachers. What can you do? Here's a short story... I started restorative alignment in Mexico with Brigitte Longueville in [...]

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How to Avoid Back Pain

To many of us it happens, with a sudden movement, after an intense workout, while lifting a load, or bending down to pick something up: back pain! All of a sudden we can’t do anymore what we used to do… How to avoid back pain? With only 5 to 10 minutes daily BackMitra exercises you [...]

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BackMitra Exercises for the Back, Neck and Shoulders

To start with Your head, neck and upper back are supposed to lie on the BackMitra, in such a way that the upper part of the spinal column is being supported. One end of the BackMitra is located below the shoulder blades (see photo on the right for correct positioning on the back). Lying [...]

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Therapeutic Yoga with the BackMitra

Hello! I am Jose Luis, I am 20 years old, and I want to tell you about what happened to me. Jose Luis Espinosa Gomez A little more than two years ago I went on a trip with my friends to Zihuatanejo, and I had an accident. At [...]

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