An Indispensable Tool for Yoga Teacher and Yoga Student

Your students attend your classes for different reasons; one wants to become more flexible or stronger, the other wants less stress in his or her life, improve posture, have more energy or work on improving a complaint or condition. A combination of these things is of course also possible.

Giving your students what they want is a huge challenge for you as their teacher.

Now imagine if you had a tool at your disposal to help them achieve their goals. How beautiful would that be?


What can it do for your students?

Improve Posture

By putting pressure on the spine and doing this regularly, its postural structure can be changed. Over time, a new pattern is anchored in the body and posture improves.

Improve Flexibility

By restoring the natural curves of the spine, the superficial muscles of the back are given the opportunity to relax and the back becomes a functional whole again; the freedom of movement of especially the upper back and shoulders, increases.

Strengthen Core-muscles

The exercises for the BackMitra® are partly aimed at activating and strengthening the core muscles. The entire lumbar belt is reinforced and thus forms a protection against overloading the lower back.

Increased Breathing Space

As the upper back returns to its natural curve and the shoulder tops move back, the chest is allowed to open. In this way, the breathing space increases and a functional breathing pattern can be built up.


Ann effective New Tool for Yoga Teacher and Yoga Student

Stress Reduction

The pressure on the spine activates the parasympathetic nervous system; the ‘relaxation response’ comes into effect. In this resting mode the body can regenerate and discharge stored stress.

Therapeutic Prop

The BackMitra® can be used to treat conditions such as lumbago, incipient hernia, sciatica, atypical back pain, scoliosis, rotator cuff issues, rectified curve of the neck (military neck, text neck) and prevent or improve posture related conditions.

Restorative Yoga Prop

By working with the BackMitra®, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, making this tool extremely suitable for use during restorative yoga classes.

For Home Use

Your students can work with it independently at home and can thus achieve their goals more easily. After all, short daily practice has a much greater effect than a few hours once a week.

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