An Indispensable Tool for Physiotherapist, Osteopath, and Chiropractor

As a therapist you like to help your clients / patients as best as possible and that takes a lot of time. However, many of them come back to you regularly for follow-ups and minor adjustments, at the expense of the time you could spend helping new clients.

Now imagine if clients with mild complaints could help themselves, if you could give them a tool they could use independently at home to achieve their health goals, and you could make time for new clients. How beautiful would that be?


What can the BackMitra® do for you as a therapist and for your clients/patients?

Improve posture

Improper posture is the underlying cause of many problems. By applying pressure to the spine with the BackMitra® and by doing this regularly, its postural structure can be changed. Over time, a new pattern is anchored in the body and posture improves.

Treatment of specific conditions

The BackMitra® can be used to treat conditions such as lumbago, incipient hernia, sciatica, atypical back pain, scoliosis, rotator cuff issues, rectified curve of the neck (military neck, text neck) and prevent or improve related conditions.

Can be used independently

Your clients / patients can work with it independently at home and can thus achieve their health goals more easily, without having to return to your practice every time for small matters.

Increase breathing space

As the upper back returns to its natural curve and the shoulder tops move back, the chest is allowed to open. In this way, the breathing space increases and a functional breathing pattern can be built up.


The BackMitra® - An Effective Tool for Physiotherapist, Osteopath, and Chiropractor

Stress reduction

The pressure on the spine activates the parasympathetic nervous system; the ‘relaxation response’ comes into effect. In this resting mode the body can regenerate and discharge stored stress.

Relaxation of neck and shoulders

Because the shoulder and neck muscles are able to relax more and more, tension headaches will gradually diminish. The blood supply to the brain improves, which benefits the ability to concentrate.

Increase ROM of the musculoskeletal system

By restoring the natural curvature of the spine, the superficial muscles of the back have the opportunity to recover and the back becomes a functional whole again; the freedom of movement of especially the upper back and the shoulder joint increases.

Strengthen core muscles

The exercises for the BackMitra® are partly aimed at activating and strengthening the core muscles. The entire lumbar belt is reinforced and thus forms a protection against overloading the lower back.


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