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Energize @ True Masters Retreat

San Agustinillo, Oaxaca. Mexico

We are thrilled to announce that Brigitte Longueville and Tsafi Nelken will team up to teach their first-ever joint retreat.

They will provide you with an experience you will never forget! Ancient traditions with Chinese and Indian roots. A meltdown combination creating special powers for bodily benefits, slowing aging effects and spiritual liberation. This beautiful experience will be ratified with the corresponding 5 elements and body-meridian knowledge from both roots.

“A unique chance to learn from two true master teachers specialized in Restorative Alignment Yoga and Tai-Chi & Qigong!”

5 Days – 5 Elements

Mother earth has a wealth of hidden treasures in her. The monkey, bear, tiger, snake, dragon, and eagle represent this wealth. A solid Tai-Chi and yoga base in which every movement has a deeper, earthly meaning. Actively discovering the deeper meaning of your personal health!

Air / Metal
The element of air in your life symbolizes the power of thought. Meditation in motion is central. getting started with quieting the mind; just put aside all thoughts. Let go, and distance yourself from your overloading agenda in daily life.

The theme of this day is renewal! Indicate your personal mission and vision for the future and take this on with you this day. The water element is connected to the night in which you gain energy during the sleep for the next day. You will sleep well!

The element of wood has a wide interest and knows how to bring people to work together. The Wood workshop gives you an experience of the Chi power in yourself in collaboration with others. Wood is compassionate and benevolent. It gives the confidence to develop balance, concentration, structure, sensitivity, and relaxation.

Fire is a phase of the extreme effort, a maximum output of energy. Like at work where often many of us keep on going to fast. Exercises what make you realize where your weak spots are. Feel the fire in your body and the benefits of extra attention.

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