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Through gentle breathing practices and BackMitra sequences, these workshops will unravel tension in your spine and bring space into your whole body. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, you will re-discover your spine! Especially with hours at the computer, the natural curves of the spine are compromised and the back and hips become stiff. As a result, the neck tightens and carries tension, and the shoulders roll forward straining the back further. In this rounded back posture the chest collapses and the lungs are compressed, contributing to shallow breathing which creates more stress. This workshop is not only an effective way to reduce stress, but also alleviates back strain and pain and increases your breath capacity.

In all of Sharon’s workshops you will find yourself on an inner journey, eloquently guided with detailed roadmaps into the intricate miracle of your body. Her dulcet tones weave an energetic space infused with poetry, breath and movement. She is a warm-hearted, curious and nurturing guide to the enriching experience of yoga.

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