BackMitra® Trainer Certification – Level 1

Did you ever think to start working with this incredible tool in your classes or sessions? Or are you already using the BackMitra® and you want to learn more? This is your chance to do so and at the same time become a certified BackMitra® trainer! During this course you will learn - How [...]

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Formación Profesores BackMitra® Nivel 1 – Sabadell, Spain

¿QUÉ ECONTRARÁS EN ESTA FORMACIÓN? Habrá una parte teórica, con una presentación y ejercicios didácticos donde se enseñaran los conceptos básicos y la anatomía relacionada con el trabajo de la Backmitra® y una parte práctica muy importante. Esta formación tiene como base la experiencia directa. Nuestro enfoque de trabajo se basa en: • Yoga [...]

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Ryt200 Teacher Training for Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga

February 25 - March 24, 2018 ** inscriptions open ** RYT200 Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Training with emphasis on Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga. Begin the adventure of a lifetime when you immerse yourself in the practice, study and teachings of yoga at the Solstice Yoga Center. This highly acclaimed teacher training is a 200-hour Yoga [...]

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7-Day Yoga Retreat with Sharon Abbondanza and Brigitte Longueville

7-Day Yoga Retreat with Sharon Abbondanza and Brigitte Longueville Would you like to enjoy practicing Yoga with Sharon Abbondanza and Brigitte Longueville in the marvelous Pacific coast of Mexico? In this Yoga Retreat, you will practice for specific areas: meditation, pranayama, "relaxation as practice", and asanas. People of all ages and physical abilities are welcome. [...]

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Verwen je rug

Roggel- Netherlands Heb je nekklachten, rugklachten, loop je niet zo makkelijk of heb je pijn bij opstaan uit bed of stoel en daarmee gepaard misschien hoofdpijn? In deze workshop leer je oefeningen uit de Tai-Chi en Qigong traditie en ga je werken met de BackMitra®. Je krijgt zodoende gereedschappen waarmee je thuis aan de slag [...]

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5 Ways Yoga Helps with Anxiety

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life… live in the moment; live in the breath.” – Amit Ray One out of four Americans will experience an anxiety disorder at some point during their lives.  Such disorders are sometimes accompanied by panic attacks – intense feelings of panic that often come out of nowhere.  [...]

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5 Best Yoga Poses for Runners

Although running and yoga may seem like activities that are on opposite ends of thspectrum, they really are complementary activities that work together beautifully. Running is an excellent way to exercise your whole body aerobically at a high level of intensity. The main benefit of running includes gaining muscular strength, better cardiovascular health, and losing [...]

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5 Step Plan to Grow Taller

Did you know that in the morning you are a few centimeters taller than in the evening? According to medical science this is due to re-absorption of liquid into the spinal disks during the night. During the day the disks lose their fluid bit by bit due to compression caused by the weight they are [...]

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7 Step Plan to Improve your Google Ranking

This is for everyone who owns a website and is wondering why after all this time it still isn’t showing up anywhere near the first page in Google. Here are 7 things you must do in order to start climbing the ladder. 1. Does Google even know your website exists? If your website doesn’t show [...]

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6 Things you must do to Improve your Posture

Your posture influences your energy level, your mood, your self esteem and the way in which people around you re-act to you. Here are 6 tips on how to improve it. 1. Sit straight While we were young we probably all heard our parents tell us to “Sit straight!” Do we still need that advice [...]

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How to Become a More Successful Yoga Teacher

Yes, but how do you become a more successful teacher? In this time where you can find a yoga studio on virtually every corner it is becoming a challenge to fill classes, especially for starting teachers. What can you do? Here's a short story... I started restorative alignment in Mexico with Brigitte Longueville in 2009. [...]

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How to Avoid Back Pain

To many of us it happens, with a sudden movement, after an intense workout, while lifting a load, or bending down to pick something up: back pain! All of a sudden we can’t do anymore what we used to do… How to avoid back pain? With only 5 to 10 minutes daily BackMitra exercises you [...]

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