The BackMitra

The BackMitra is an effective tool helping you to improve posture and strengthen your back.

With only 10 to 15 minutes daily exercise you will get results within a few weeks. Bit by bit your back becomes more flexible and your spine will return to it’s natural curvature. You may even become a few inches taller!

The BackMitra has proven to be a great asset in alleviating and preventing hip, back, neck and shoulder pain. It also gives great relief in conditions like CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrom) and RSI (Repetitve Strain Injuries) / RMD (Repetitive Motion Disorder).

improve posture avoid back pain

I came to the retreat with a mild case of sciatica. Working with the BackMitra provided lasting relief. I now use it every day. In fact, it appears that I am getting taller, but actually, my older friends are kind of shrinking as they are rounding and stooping with age. It doesn’t have to be that way.
D.H., 75-year-old lawyer, retired, NY, USA